Children's Mental Health
Awareness Day ATX


State leaders, community advocates, and youth and family members with lived experience share their stories of dedication to the importance of children’s mental health.

The You Matter Zone

Rev. Bradley Laurvick
You Matter Zone

Special Guests

You Matter Zone

Brad, Aspen, Lambert and Petey the Penguin visit us from the You Matter Zone.


2021 Henry McMahon Advocacy Award

Awarded to Kendall Antonelli
Presented by Kids Living Well


Pflugerville High School


Young Journey Ambassador

Angie Tyler

Angie Tyler
Integral Care

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Dr. Micky Marinelli

The University of Texas at Austin

State & Community Leaders

Kisha Ledlow

Project Director
Texas System of Care

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr.

Texas House of Representatives (Tarrant County)

Rep. Donna Howard

Texas House of Representatives (Travis County)

Associate Commissioner Trina Ita

Associate Commissioner
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Associate Commissioner Dr. Courtney Harvey

Associate Commissioner
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Sheriff Sally Hernandez

Travis County Sheriff's Office


Local youths celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness by sharing their unique talents.

Laura Roller

We Love Music


Young Journey Ambassador


Young Journey Ambassador


Mack.i.Salute! Entertainment

Kya Monee’

Mack.i.Salute! Entertainment


Young Journey Ambassador


Young Journey Ambassador

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Community Spotlight

Highlighting incredible developments in our community.

2021 Travis County Plan for Children's Mental Health and Substance Misuse

We are excited to provide you with the 2021 Travis County plan for Children’s Mental Health and Substance Misuse. This plan was revised through the engagement of many community stakeholders and families. It provides a roadmap to improve the well being of our community’s children and their families. The plan provides and overview of our community context, data pertaining to children, and recommendations for how to intervene in a meaningful way to improve our community’s response to children and families. It highlights priority objectives for the next five years in the areas of Wellness and Resilience, Early & Effective Intervention, Coordinated Crisis Services, and System Improvements.

2021 Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest Virtual Ceremony

The 2021 Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest will be hosting a virtual ceremony to commemorate and honor the winners of this year’s contest. This annual contest provides school-age youth as well as adults the opportunity to express themselves through visual and verbal means, shining a light on an often-overlooked topic and shows why mental health matters.

To determine winners, submissions were presented to a panel of judges who have the same passion for mental health awareness (and eye for artistic/literary expression) as we do. Works were evaluated based on technical skill, creativity, relevance to this year’s contest theme, and the emotional power behind the piece.

Virtual Exhibitor Fair

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2020 Archive

Check out some of last year’s videos and resources here!

Dr. Courtney Harvey

Associate Commissioner
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Henry McMahon Advocacy Award

Awarded to Suzanna McVey
Presented by Kids Living Well

Jaha Wilder

Founder/Executive Director
Young Journey